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AHRRAO Intern Candidate Herself in District Shura Election at the community Level

February 2, 2019

Najia Yosofi, a shy young woman submitted her application to join IWPR project in Samangan province. She is 26, studied midwifery and is keen to work for her people and especially for women in her community where she’s witness of regular women rights violation. But, has no idea how to help them. She has good intentions for herself and her family’s future but, is not able to take any step forward, this is what she admitted during the selection interview. But, selection committee found Ms. Najia Yosofi’s potentials and realized that if, she receives a minimum help and support, she will be a strong and capable woman who will be able to support her family and society.

After selection of Ms. Najia as project beneficiary, she was actively participating the project programs and continuously using provided opportunity to improve her capacity. Project monitoring reports illustrate that she was very much interested in social and political topics and actively participating to the social and political capacity buildings, dialogues and discussions. Comparative data of project monitoring confirm that Najia has a very good improvement during project time. Her improvements didn’t stop at the output level but, showed up immediate outcome at the end of project time.

In the first of day second project summer school in June 2018, Ms. Najia announced that she has decided and convinced her family to candidate herself in the coming district council election in Hazrat Sultan district of Samagan province. She also admitted that this is a very conservative district and she would like to join this election with a very good strategy and plan where not to only convince the men in her community about her candidature but, also become a role model for other women to encourage them to study and participate in their communities’ social and political life. She requested the summer school management and participates to help her to develop her plan and strategy during the summer school.

During the project summer school, she could develop a remarkable strategy for herself included her vision, goal, and roadmap for success which was also included but not limited to election campaign, community dialogues and presentation to mobilize local communities and particularly women to support here.

Ms. Najia picked up the first step and registered herself as candidate for her district council. For IWPR project this was beyond the expectations, a good success and strong element of project successful implementation. However, Ms. Najia was not able to participate in the election because, the election postponed for another time because, there was no women candidate in many other districts in all over the country but, Ms. Najia is committed to participate in the social and political development of her community and if she was not able to join the election for any reason (or she has also decided to continue her higher education), she encouraged her sister to participate in the coming election and continue participating in social and political life their community and play a role for their better future.