About Director

February 12, 2019

Hayatullah Jawad is founder and director of Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organization AHRRAO. He studied law and Political Science in Mawalana Higher Education Institute and also graduated from Persian Literature Faculty of Balkh University. He has worked as; Human Rights Field Monitoring Officer and as well as Human Rights Monitoring and Investigation Senior Assistant for about 10 years in Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission north regional office, Civic Education Officer in Afghanistan Joint Election Management Body Secretariat north regional office, Child Protection officer in Save the Children UK and had membership of EU Election monitoring team in northern Afghanistan during 2009 presidential election. In the framework of AHRRAO, Jawad has close partnership with German Foreign Ministry, GesellschaS für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Freie Universität Berlin, Analysis Research Consulting ARC, USIP, USAID and Max Plank Foundation. At the national level, he has close cooperation with Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Afghanistan Civil Society Forum ACSF, Mediotik Afghanistan and other regional and provincial level governmental and none-governmental organizations. Jawad also worked as Independent consultant with Aga Khan Development Network AKDN, ARC and GIZ in northern Afghanistan. In addition, he is founding member of Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institute ACSI which is founded by Afghan legal experts and being supported by Max Plank Foundation to work on issues related to Afghanistan constitution. Currently Jawad is working in Afghanistan and in particular in north and northeast regions with special focus on conducting studies on factors contributing to stabilization/destabilization of northern Afghanistan, Supporting Free and Fair election (program funded by CPI), and establishment of a strategic movement supporting sustainable peace in Afghanistan (program is initiated by Hayatullah Jawad and a group of local experts. The general framework is finalized and ready for implementation). He is also leading initiatives to run dialogues and advocacy programs on basic issues such as, countering extremism ideologies, stability, good governance and access to justice to support peace and sustainable development in Afghanistan. Jawad has recently participated in Doha peace conference, ACSI workshop in New Delhi (outcome of workshop is a scientific paper concentrating on constitutional court for future of Afghanistan) and many other international and National conferences on Afghanistan Constitution, peace, stability and development and represented Afghan intellectuals and Civil Society in international conferences. His experiences includes organizationals management and implementation of complex field work in critical situation, excellent data management, conducting sensitive interviews in conflict zones, community mobilizations, social organization and good negotiation skills with communities on their contribution for potential projects and encouraging them to participate in the concerned projects aimed for future sustainability of their communities.

He speaks English and Urdu fluently and speaks Pashtu well beside his mother tongue (Dari).