Why women are being sacrificed?

March 7, 2020

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For many reasons, it is not easy to provide an explanation that why women are sacrificed. The first reason is; the crime rate in the northern provinces and especially in the urban areas increased significantly, and the number of men victims of homicide is far higher than women. Therefore, it can be simply argued that women are part of this society and they are affected due to high level of crimes in the society. The second reason that is most frequently raised by the media and security officials in cases of intentional murder of women is the honor killing and prostitution issues, which seems to be a relatively compelling and acceptable answer for the society. Likewise, there are numerous other causes for the killing of women, most of which are themselves the yield of a series of other complex socio-cultural factors and interactions that, only sticking to the above-mentioned outward reasons are seriously misleading. Because, concentrating on the outward reasons which are the outcome of other factors, will narrow the ground for investigation of the main causes of women murders. Thus, the question that needs to be seriously asked is: What fundamental subjective changes occurred in the society that a man in the family kill their most beloved family members – their mother, sister, and spouse?

Addressing this question and understanding the causes of such killings are so difficult, complicated and with high-risk that not only ordinary citizens are incapable of understanding, but even officials, experts and women rights activists come up with the same stereotyped and misleading answers, and they are reluctant to address this phenomenon. Because, the killing of women is the culmination of struggle between tradition and modernization in the Afghanistan society, and for this reason, the need to investigate the women murder phenomenon professionally and scientifically is important. This subtle controversy, which is taking place in a very broad and powerful way in the hidden layers of society, presents itself in the practical realm by addressing demands such as gender equality in the fields of education, labor, social relations and other social, civil and political rights. In other word, women in today’s Afghanistan are leading modernization and symbolizing modern cultural and social changes, whereas; according to traditional values ​​and norms women are considered the most important taboo and red line. Based on these values, the achievement of women’s freedom and gender equality in the fields of social, cultural, economic, civil and political rights in society is considered as defeat of traditional vs modern values. In simpler term, the limitations that traditional society has imposed on women by support of extremist interpretations of the shari’a in various fields are among the important values ​​of traditional Afghan society that have been exposed to fundamental changes. The consequences of these changes are exhibited in the presence of women in the society. While these taboos fail in contrast to modern values ​​and women become inclined to civil values ​​and freedoms, the extremist institution that is considered the leader of traditional society, strongly targets women because, they are truly the reflection of modern changes. This process goes until killing of women and the reason for murders has been being announced the lack of respect to the Shari’a law. In this regard, the recent actions of Mawlawi Mojibur Rahman Ansari in Herat is a very clear example.

In light of the above explanations, we conclude that although the spread of women rights violations is perceived as a social and security crisis due to lack of the rule of law and the economic problems of society but, a broader and precise investigation of the cases of violence against women in the society, elaborate another very serious factor that is the root of all the reasons visible in this phenomenon. This powerful and dangerous factor is the radical interpretation of the Shari’a, which is carefully pursuing specific political and security goals using the cultural and social context created by the controversy of tradition and modernity, economic problems in society and the absence of norms and active civil structures to protect citizens’ rights.

For this reason and as explained above, the first goal of the insurgent and extremist groups is to overthrow law enforcement agencies, and specifically the police, so that they cannot analyze, track and control the situation. In such an environment, when people in society realize that they can freely do anything unlawful and fall under the protection of extremist Islamist or mafia groups, social ethics fall rapidly, laws are ignored, and citizens will  commit crimes fearlessly. Afterward, using the subjective crisis created in the society, these groups spread violence through the injection of radical ideology into the minds of citizens and targets modernity symbols which are considered as a root of the current anomalies of the society from their perspective. Meanwhile, women which embody the very serious and visible symbols of modern change in the Afghan society are being targeted and become the main victims of this civilization struggle.

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