February 10, 2019

To influence Afghanistan policies and practices, local norms and to affect citizens’ mindset and also, to promote culture of research, AHRRAO is conducting high-quality, policy-relevant researches. Depends on need, AHRRAO uses descriptive, causal and exploratory researches and as well as qualitative and mix method studies aiming to; A) understand the existent situation at the local and national level using noted types of research methods and B) to support Afghanistan government to understand the gaps and improve services in order to support peace and stability through good governance in Afghanistan.

Research reports will also be used as tool to take advocacy measures towards specific gaps resulting to human rights violation. It is also the main source of information specifying the needs of coordination, capacity building and awareness raising for specific gaps within the society and governmental institutions. 

For this reason, AHRRAO has an expert team of national staff and international partners who conduct high quality researches and analysis.