President Dr. Mohd. Ashraf Ghani met participants of Doha peace conference

July 14, 2019

On July 10th 2019, president Dr. Mohd. Ashraf Ghani met with participants of Doha peace conference. Within this meeting, the peace process, outcome of Doha peace conference and future steps need to be taken to support sustainable peace in Afghanistan has been discussed.

AHRRAO director Hayatullah Jawad suggested to Afghanistan president the following steps to be taken in order to start and lead a successful peace process in Afghanistan:

1- Doha dialogue produced a minimum logical framework (peace roadmap) that can be used to start a successful peace process in the coming future. Afghan government should create a small team of experts as soon as possible. This team should gather systematic information in three levels of local (peace and conflict drivers at the local level, structures of insurgent groups, power base of fighters, sources supporting fightings, factors influencing changes and etc.), national (stakeholders relationships with local fighters and as well as at the national level with other powers, their power base and as well as their sources) and at the international level, dynamics affecting peace and conflict in Afghanistan. This team of experts should be supported by a bigger political consensus in order to achieve an acceptable peace agreement in the future for Afghanistan.

2- To support such complex movement for peace, it is also important that Afghanistan government revise its Media strategy in order to actively improve Afghan society’s support for steps will be taken during the peace process. Otherwise, any government plan and step which doesn’t have support of citizens will immediately fail.

AHRRAO director’s suggestions are welcomed by president and specific orders given to the related departments during the meeting.