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Other AHRRAO Implemented programs

July 28, 2010

  • Peace and Conflict assessment of Sustainable Economic Development Program, AHRRAO was tasked by ARC to Conduct context interviews with stakeholders and document the results in detail; map stakeholders, their positions, interests and needs on the basis of the interviews (ended on June 2012)
  • Peace and Conflict Assessment, AHRRAO was tasked by ARC to conduct interviews, develop stakeholder maps, document and prepare initial reports on TTTA project running by GIZ in Mazar-e-Sharif. (Ended on July 2012).
  • Supporting Rule of Law was a project running by Qara Consultancy, funded by Law and Order Trust Fund, AHRRAO was tasked to hold on Balkh Seminars of this project with Representatives of Interior Ministry, Balkh police department, Balkh provincial council and Representatives of Balkh Governor office. (ended on May 2012).
  • Partnership with Equal Access, a Kabul based international organization, on implementing project of countering fundamentalism and extremism ideology in Balkh province. AHRRAO was responsible for holding conferences and dialogues in Balkh. (ended on Sep 2011).
  • Carry out field surveys on behalf of ARC who carried out a conflict impact analysis related to Hand in Hand’s “Sustainable Livelihood Programme” through Community Mobilization in Balkh province. (ended on July 2011).