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Local Advocacy Campaign for Human Rights promotion LAC-HR-1

November 28, 2011

Project Title/No. 13

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Local Advocacy Campaign for Human Rights promotion


Advocacy & awareness raising June to November 2011 Balkh and Samangan provinces of the north Afghanistan


Aziz Wali Ahmadzai (GO)

Cell: +93 799 810 739



LAC-HR-1 was a widespread person to person village level dialogue implementing in 100 villages of 10 districts in Balkh and Badakhshan provinces. The project aim was to increase citizens’ knowledge and capacity about their rights and responsibility in according to the Afghanistan legislation and international standards. The project was a widespread campaign conducted by AHRRAO in cooperation with community level councils to increase citizens’ knowledge about their rights to enable them to actively take part in their social and civil life. At the first step, the project has improved capacity of more than 1000 community elders and Shura members and through the local Shuras, the project conducted awareness raising programs to increase knowledge of more 4000 citizens within its target communities during the project life.