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Justice in Practice

July 10, 2017

Project Name: Justice in Practice JiP

Project timeframe: July 2016 to June 2017

Project type: Research, Advocacy and Awareness raising

Project details:

JIP project was a mix method project funded by USIP and implemented by AHRRAO in cooperation with Pasoon Legal Organization PLO in Balkh and Samangan provinces. This project has been started with an in-depth research on citizens’ level of access to justice during implementation of criminal procedure within judiciary departments of Balkh and Samangan, and Based on the research outcomes, advocacy measures taken to draw attention of related stakeholders to the existent gaps and using awareness programs, citizens’ knowledge improved on Afghanistan Constitution chapter 2 and related legislation related to access to criminal justice. 

(The project research report is published and accessible in Dari and English on www.ahrra.org)