Initiative to Institutionalize Children’s Legal and Social Rights

July 1, 2017

Initiative to Institutionalize Children’s Social and Legal Rights was a GIZ funded project which has been implemented in 7 districts of Balkh and Samagnan provinces. The project provided tremendous ground for communities to improve children rights in close cooperation with governmental institutions and empowering District level Child protection Network.

AHRRAO implemented the proposed project in 7 districts of 2 provinces of Balkh and Samangan namely Dehdadi, Kholm, Nahr-e-Shahi, Balkh and Sholgara from Balkh province and Hazrat-e-Sultan and Feroz Nakhchir districts from Samangan province, in order to bring about lasting improvements in children lives. 

In order to expedite as well as increase the project quality, AHRRAO carried out the project in partnership with three Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which merely act as intermediary and supporters.

The envisaged project has been carried out throughout the Aug 01, 2016- July 30, 2017.

The project contained different consecutive phases, aimed at eradication of overall and kinds of violence against children and subsequently standardizes children’s lives.

Initially, AHRRAO capacitated 7 networks entitled District Level Child Protection Networks (D-CPNs) and consequently identified cases of child rights violations and put efforts for sorting out the cases. Each of the D-CPN proposed 7 members whose capacity enhanced through conducting a three-day quality orientation and training on child-rights by AHRRAO.

AHRRAO then held regular monthly meetings with each D-CPN in their targeted districts to which render technical guidelines and moral supports as well as develop action plans for particular advocacy activities. Overall 77 monthly meetings held between AHRRAO and D-CPNs during the life of the project.

The D-CPNs identified at least one (1) case each, on quarterly basis and strive for solution through different methodologies such as counseling, legal consultation, referral to sectorial governments and involving families and localities. According to project plan,  at least 26 child rights violation cases identified and resolved by 7 D-CPNs throughout the project life.

In addition, the D-CPNs conducted monthly awareness raising sessions to different categories of residents of the target districts; as a result, each D-CPN conduct 11 monthly awareness raising sessions. In each session, 20 participants have been covered. Overall 77 sessions conducted through which awareness of 2125 targeted beneficiaries has been enhanced within the 11 calendar months.

Besides, AHRRAO reinforced capacity of local sectorial governmental organizations after figuring out their gaps and deficiencies through advocacy activities which carried out through the D-CPNs.

AHRRAO conducted 28 one-day capacity development trainings to governmental sectors of 7 districts on 4 quarterly bases, (each district 4 rounds of training on 4 quarterly bases) and in each the number of 20 participants have been covered.

Moreover, AHRRAO held 4 one-day Provincial Quarterly Meetings (PQMs) by engaging 7 D-CPNs  (2 members of each), to further discuss achievements and carried out activities as well as developing action plans for next quarter. 

Furthermore, in order to feature contents and service delivery of the project, AHRRAO broadcasted project activities through 2 local Radio networks in 2 covered provinces to enhance public awareness on child-rights. Totally, 28 five-minute TV shows from 7 covered districts,  through 2 Radio networks of 2 provinces during 4 quarters have been telecasted and as a result and based on beneficiary criteria of local Radio networks, awareness of 50000 beneficiaries (25000 each) have been enhanced.