Assessing Impact of Development Interventions on Security and Local Governance

October 28, 2018

Project full name: Assessing the impact of development interventions on security and local governance in states (re-) emerging from violent conflict IMPACT

Project timeframe: January 2011 to June 2018

Project methodology: Qualitative research


Project details:

This research project was a joint measure by C9 component of SFB 700 project of FUB and AHRRAO conducted in northeast Afghanistan. AHRRAO task was to suggest and develop tools for a qualitative research method including developing a semi-structured interview form, data processing mechanism and initial analysis system. After finalization of research methodology, the field work has taken place in a period of 8 years and conducted in a cycle of every two years. The data has been collected using individual interviews. Interviews conducted by 8 groups of two expert interviewers, transcripts were provided in Dari language and after quality control and translation, english transcripts processed for analysis using Nvivo software.