AHRRAO Partners

In order to achieve its goals, Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organization has established a widespread network of partners at the local, national and international levels.

At the local level; AHRRAO established a widespread network among local communities. At this level, AHRRAO partners are Community Development Councils CDCs, Child Protection Action Networks CPAN, Youth Local Assemblies and District Development Assemblies DDAs.

With support of its networks at the local level, AHRRAO is implementing its projects successfully. These networks are mostly working voluntary with AHRRAO but, in cases where the projects allow, AHRRAO employs members of noted partners as project staff in order to give them better chance for more active participation in their local communities’ development.

At the national level; AHRRAO has close partnership with Governmental organizations such as Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Education and Judiciary Departments. AHRRAO also has membership of National and regional networks of Civil Society Organizations. At this sense, AHRRAO is an active member of Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institutions ACSI, Afghanistan Civil Society Forum ACSF, Civil Society Joint Working Group and active member and supporter of Regional Network of Young Women Rights activists. Such widespread networks of partners provide the ground for AHRRAO to actively use these potentials to conduct high quality researches, implement result based advocacy programs and use these potentials to successfully take part in local communities knowledge and capacity improvements in order to establish a meaningful human rights movements aiming to support human rights and rule of law in the Afghan society.
The best example of successful networking and partnership at the regional level is; establishment of a widespread network of media and Civil Society Organizations in 9 provinces of the northern Afghanistan. This specific network has been established in the framework of a German Funded project and led by AHRRAO in order to Support a Free and Fair Election in 2014. The mission was successfully accomplished after a large scale capacity building and awareness raising for local communities and related institutions in 9 northern provinces of Afghanistan.

At the international level; AHRRAO has close cooperation and partnership with German Foreign Ministry since 2012 in northern Afghanistan. In the framework of this cooperation, AHRRAO has conducted different research, advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising projects funded by German Foreign Ministry. Meanwhile, AHRRAO has strong cooperation with German General Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif to provide advises, facilitate implementation of programs and conferences in northern Afghanistan.
In the AHRRAO’s academic networks at the international level,  Analysis Research and Consulting ARC, a Berlin Based Organization is the most important partner for AHRRAO since 2010. The aim of this partnership is knowledge sharing and capacity building for AHRRAO in the research and dissemination fields. At the same time, ARC and AHRRAO have conducted high quality research projects in the northern Afghanistan.
AHRRAO has also worked in close partnership with SFB 700 C9 project of Free University Berlin in Afghanistan. In the framework of SFB 700 C9, AHRRAO conducted high quality and in-depth semi-structured (guideline) interviews in northern Afghanistan, participated in different data analysis and data management workshops and took active part in analyzing and report writings.


Afghanistan Constitutionalist studies workshop Tashkent

Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institution ACSI is a national network of experts being supported by Max Plank Institute for International Peace and Rule of Law. ACSI is established in 2013 with a specific mandate of studying Afghanistan constitution to support rule of law in Afghanistan by providing technical



Capacity Building


AHRRAO-IWPR second summer school

Justice and human rights can be exercised and experienced in a society where its citizens are dare to claim for the rule of law and human rights: Considering the fact that citizens can play fundamental role to have a society devoid of violence and in accordance to the rule of law and justice, and taking into account that due to many