About Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Org


General Information
AHRRAO was founded by a group of activists from northern Afghanistan with diverse ethnic backgrounds who have been working in the field of development and human rights for several years. The same group of activists has already in the past established an NGO, the Afghanistan rehabilitation of cultural centre (ARCC), and carried out human rights related dissemination and advocacy activities.
AHRRAO team members have more than 15 years of work experience in deferent national and international organizations in Afghanistan.
AHRRAO has been established in July 2010 with the clear objective to conduct high quality research and advocacy and as well as capacity building and awareness raising activities in the fields of human rights and the rule of law in Afghanistan.  


A society based on democracy and the rule of law in accordance with human rights; a society where all people are aware of their rights and dare to claim them through the rule of law.


AHRRAO Mission
To contribute establishment of a capable human rights movement to improve understanding and respect for human rights and the rule of law for all citizens in Afghanistan.



•     Rule of Law

•     Elimination of Discrimination

•     Gender Equality

•     Equal Right to Education

Key activities to fulfill the Mission:

•    Research

•    Advocacy

•    Coordination

•    Capacity building and awareness raising

Capacity, Knowledge transfer and partnerships
All members of the core group of activists have university degrees and have worked for years in different fields of human rights, rule of law and has good experience of research, advocacy and coordination. However, we are committed to improve our knowledge and skills regarding social scientific research methodology and in advocacy and dissemination techniques.
For this reason we invited Dr. Kristóf Gosztonyi, a research team member for the SFB 700 C9 project at the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), to join our group as a part-time member who would function as an advisor regarding methodological issues related to research and analysis as well as regarding advocacy and dissemination techniques.

AHRRAO Board of Directors and Management Committee

Board of directors
The AHRRAO Board of directors consists of five members. Specifically in bilateral meetings, this board oversees policies’ implementations, advices for the solution ways of the organizational challenges, and to assist with the leadership to general promotion of AHRRAO and supporting the organization mission through responding main needs of the AHRRAO.
The following refers to the list of AHRRAO’s board of directors.

Name:                              Position:                          Organization:
Ahmad Khalid Poya      Deputy director              ASCRO
Hayatullah Jawad         Director                           AHRRAO
Nasir Amini                    Director                           HID
Nooria Neda                   Director                           PLO
Yaqub Azurda                Journalist                        Tamadon TV

The Management Committee:

The Management Committee of AHRRAO is included five members. On monthly meetings, the committee members, shares the information of ongoing projects/activities planned, provides feedbacks, oversees staff performances, discusses on planning, policy formulation and monitoring & evaluations, and ensures reporting systems are clearly understood.

The Management Committee members are:
Managing Director                            Hayatullah Jawad
Deputy director program                 Rajab Ali Ebrahimi
Admin/Finance Manager                Adbul Azim Azimi
Head of Social department              Rashad Jawed
Monitoring officer                              Samiullah Hamidi



AHRRAO Implemented and Ongoing Projects:

Since its establishment on 2010, AHRRAO has implemented following projects:

  1. Final round of Stabilization NorthEast Afghanistan Study is being implemented by Analysis Research Consulting, a Berlin Based organization in cooperation with AHRRAO in the northeast Afghanistan. The project is targeting 35 districts in 4 provinces of northeast and conducting in-depth quantitative and qualitative interviews at the village, Cluster and District level. The project is being implemented using a professional online data gathering system and data processing procedure at the local level. (The project is started on Aug 2017 and going to be ended on July 2018.)
  2. Initiative to Improve Women’s Socio-Political Role (IWPR) project is funded by German Foreign Office and being implemented in Balkh, Jawzjan and Samangan provinces of north Afghanistan. The project is supporting 60 young women within project target provinces to improve their knowledge and skills aiming to support them successfully enter into Afghanistan’s socio-political development and play a serious role in their provinces and region’s social and political process. (The project is started on July 2017 and will end on June 2018.)
  3. Initiative to Institutionalize Children’s Social and Legal Rights: a GIZ funded project which has been implemented in 7 districts of Balkh and Samagnan provinces. The project provided tremendous ground for communities to improve the child rights in close cooperation with governmental institutions and empowering District level Child protection Network. (the project is started on Aug 2016 and ended on Jul 2017).
  4. Justice in Practice was a research, awareness raising and advocacy project focusing on Afghanistan Constitution chapter 2, to increase role of law and access to justice. The project was funded by USIP. (The project research report is published and awareness raising and advocacy component was successfully implemented with a clear results in the project target provinces and districts. This project is ended on June 2017).
  5. Study on reasons for Afghans illegal immigration to EU: This project was funded by German Foreign Office on January 2016 aiming to study of reasons for Afghans migration wave to EU happened on end of 2014 and 2015. The project resulted in Berlin to GFO and Afghanistan Ministry for Migration and Repatriation. The project ended on August 2016.  
  6. Qualitative study on local influential roles on local level stability: project funded by Free University of Berlin and the AHRRAO was responsible for data collection component of the project. (The project started on Aug 2015 and ended on June 2016)
  7. Corruption phenomenon in the peace-building context, a large scale research project implemented in north and northeast Afghanistan. AHRRAO was tasked by Berghof foundation for collection, data processing and initial analysis of the project in Afghanistan. (Jan 2015 – Nov 2015)
  8. Qualitative and quantitative follow up research in 25 districts (250 villages) in the northern Afghanistan in the framework of SPNA project; AHRRAO is tasked by ARC, a Berlin-based consultancy, to carry out the above mentioned field research as part of a stability assessment (started on Nov 2014 – Jun 2015).
  9. Civil Society Mobilization to Support Free and Fair Election, a widespread Civil Society and community dialogues implementing in 9 provinces of the northern provinces of Afghanistan. This project is funded by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, started on Oct to Dec, 2013.
  10. Assessing the impact of development interventions on security and local governance in states (re-) emerging from violent conflict, this project is funded by Free University of Berlin, (October 2013 – Apr 2014 ).
  11. Local Advocacy Campaign for Human Rights Promotion, a widespread person to person village level dialogues implementing in 150 villages of 10 districts in Balkh and Badakhshan provinces. This project is funded by Tawanmandi, started on Jan 2013- ended on June 2013.
  12. Qualitative and quantitative research in 25 districts (250 villages) in the northern Afghanistan in the framework of SPNA project; AHRRAO is tasked by ARC, a Berlin-based consultancy, to carry out the above mentioned field research as part of a stability assessment (started on Sep 2012 – ended Jan 2013).
  13. Qualitative Research carrying out for Free University Berlin (Started on June 2012 – Dec 2012).
  14. Peace and Conflict assessment of Sustainable Economic Development Program, AHRRAO is tasked by ARC to Conduct context interviews with stakeholders and document the results in detail; map stakeholders, their positions, interests and needs on the basis of the interviews (ended on June 2012)
  15. Peace and Conflict Assessment, AHRRAO is tasked by ARC to conduct interviews, develop stakeholder maps, document and prepare initial reports on TTTA project running by GIZ in Mazar-e-Sharif. (Ended on July 2012).
  16. Supporting Rule of Law is a project running by Qara Consultancy, funded by Law and Order Trust Fund, AHRRAO was tasked to hold on Balkh Seminars of this project with Representatives of Interior Ministry, Balkh police department, Balkh provincial council and Representatives of Balkh Governor office. (ended on May 2012).
  17. Partnership with Equal Access, a Kabul based international organization, on implementing project of fighting against fundamentalism and extremism ideology in Balkh province. AHRRAO was responsible for holding conferences and dialogues in Balkh. (ended on Sep 2011).
  18. Local Advocacy Campaign for Human Rights promotion, a systematic village level person to person dialogue on basic rights of citizens, funded by Counterpart-International (I – PACS)  (ended on Nov 2011).
  19. Research and support of women heading their families and exposed to high risks, a research and advocacy project funded by ASGP(ended on Aug 2011).
  20. Carry out field surveys on behalf of ARC who carried out a conflict impact analysis related Hand in Hand’s “Sustainable Livelihood Programme” through Community Mobilization in Balkh province. (ended on July 2011).
  21. Qualitative Research carried out on behalf of the Free University Berlin (ended on July 2011).
  22. Qualitative and quantitative research in 10 districts in the north-east of Afghanistan; AHRRAO was tasked by ARC, a Berlin-based consultancy, to carry out the above mentioned field research as part of a stability baseline assessment in 10 districts north-east Afghanistan (finished on Sep 2011).
  23. Qualitative and quantitative research in 15 districts in the north-east of Afghanistan; AHRRAO was tasked by ARC, a Berlin-based consultancy, to carry out the above mentioned field research as part of a stability baseline assessment in 15 districts of 4 provinces in north-east Afghanistan (Started on Aug 2010 and finished on February 2011).


Afghanistan Constitutionalist studies workshop Tashkent

Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institution ACSI is a national network of experts being supported by Max Plank Institute for International Peace and Rule of Law. ACSI is established in 2013 with a specific mandate of studying Afghanistan constitution to support rule of law in Afghanistan by providing technical



Capacity Building


AHRRAO-IWPR second summer school

Justice and human rights can be exercised and experienced in a society where its citizens are dare to claim for the rule of law and human rights: Considering the fact that citizens can play fundamental role to have a society devoid of violence and in accordance to the rule of law and justice, and taking into account that due to many