February 4, 2019

AHRRAO was founded by a group of activists from northern Afghanistan with diverse ethnic backgrounds who have been working in the field of development and human rights for several years. The same group of activists has already in the past established an NGO, the Afghanistan rehabilitation of cultural centre (ARCC), and carried out human rights related dissemination and advocacy activities. 

AHRRAO team members have more than 17 years of work experience in deferent national and international organizations in Afghanistan. 

AHRRAO has been established in July 2010 with the clear objective to conduct high quality research and advocacy and as well as capacity building and awareness raising activities in the fields of human rights and the rule of law in Afghanistan.

In more concrete terms, topically our primary focus would thus be on the justice system, civil service provision system (e.g. education, health care and etc.), physical security and conflict resolution as these are the issues, which undermine most dramatically the legitimacy of the government and also effects the most fundamental human rights.

It is our intention to conduct high-quality, methodologically thorough investigations on the above mentioned areas of human rights. Research and analysis is, however, only the first step. Based on our research we shall develop constructive suggestions to solve the identified problems. Lastly, we intend to dedicate significant efforts to disseminate our findings and advocate for our solutions.

AHRRAO Vision 

A society based on democracy and the rule of law in accordance with human rights; a society where all people are aware of their rights and dare to claim them through the rule of law.

AHRRAO Mission 

To contribute establishment of a capable human rights based society for all citizens in Afghanistan through improving understanding and respect for human rights and the rule of law.


  • Rule of Law
  • Elimination of Discrimination
  • Gender Equality 
  • Equal Right to Education
Key activities to fulfill the Mission:

  • Research 
  • Advocacy 
  • Coordination
  • Capacity building and awareness raising


Capacity, Knowledge transfer and partnerships 

All members of the core group of activists have university degrees and have worked for years in different fields of human rights and the rule of law and has good experience of research, advocacy, capacity building and coordination. However, we are committed to improve our knowledge and skills in the fields of methodological research, result base advocacy, capacity building and dissemination techniques.

For this reason we invited Dr. Malik Sitez, expert on International Law, Relations and human rights, Dr. Kristóf Gosztonyi, a research team member for the SFB 700 C9 project at the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) and Dr. Saleh Musleh, expert on Islamic Sharia Law and Islamic theology to join AHRRAO’s International Experts’ Advisory Board AIAB. AIAB is providing advises to AHRRAO management committee regarding methodological issues related to research and analysis as well as regarding advocacy, capacity building, awareness arising and coordination techniques.

AHRRAO Board of Directors and Management Committee

Board of directors

The AHRRAO Board of directors consists of five members. Specifically in bilateral meetings, this board oversees policies’ implementations, provide advices for the organizational challenges, and to assist with the leadership to general promotion of AHRRAO and supporting the organization mission through responding main needs of the AHRRAO.

The following refers to the list of AHRRAO’s board of directors.                                   

Name:   Position:  Organization:
Ahmad Khalid Poya Deputy director ASCRO
Hayatullah Jawad Director AHRRAO
Nasir Amini Director HID
Nooria Neda Director PLO
Yaqub Azurda Journalist Tamadon TV


The Management Committee:

The Management Committee of AHRRAO is included five members. On monthly meetings, the committee members, shares the information of ongoing projects/activities planned, provides feedbacks, oversees staff performances, discusses on planning, policy formulation and monitoring & evaluations, and ensures reporting systems are clearly understood.


The Management Committee members are:

  • AHRRAO Director
Hayatullah Jawad
  • Deputy director program
Rajab Ali Ebrahimi
  • Admin/Finance Manager
Adbul Azim Azimi
  • Head of Social department
Rashad Jawed
  • Monitoring officer
Abdul Matin Munir