• Reasons for the Current Afghan Migration to the EU,  a regional conference on the reasons for and against migrating to the EU in North and North-East Afghanistan
  • Qualitative study on local influential roles on local level stability
  • Civil Society Mobilization to Support Free and Fair Election,  a widespread Civil Society and community dialogues implementing in 9 provinces of the northern Afghanistan


The Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organisation (AHRRAO) was tasked by the German Foreign Office to conduct a research on the reasons for migration and flight from Northern Afghanistan to the EU and Germany. The main research questions to be answered by the investigation have been identified as follows: 

  • What are the main reasons motivating Afghans to illegally migrate?
  • What are the main reasons inhibiting Afghans from illegally migrating to the EU? 
  • Does trust in the Afghan Government play a role in the migration decision? 
  • How does the Afghan Government relate to the question of illegal migration to the EU?

The investigation was to focus on urban areas, as it was believed that the most migrants came from such backgrounds.


During the course of 2015, the number of migrants arriving in Europe more than doubled in comparison to the previous year.  Of those making the journey Afghans represent the third largest migrant group (14% of registered asylum seekers in the EU), with many choosing Germany as their final destination. This report discusses the causes of this large scale migration, dividing its drivers into ‘push-and-pull factors’, and also outlining inhibiting factors. The report is based on field research carried out in four Northern and North-Eastern Afghan cities (Sheberghan, Mazar-e Sharif, Pul-i Khumri and Taloqan). The core of the study is composed of 195 guideline interviews with households that have migrant members (61%) as well as with households that do not have migrant members (39%).


For full REPORT, download it from REPORTS section.

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Access to Justice

AHRRAO is conducting an in-depth study on citizens' access to impartial trail in north Afghanistan


Reasons for Afghan Migration

Reasons for the Current Afghan Migration to the EU



Hayatullah Jawad, AHRRAO Executive Director has been invited by German Bundestag and the Federal Government, to Germany for a fact-finding tour